BK-LAB: Innovation Hub

Gruppo Biokimica has integrated an instrumental core into its chemical laboratory to provide analytical support for the Research and Development projects of its clients.

The BK-Lab is designed to provide customers with a 360° service, starting from the supply of chemical products, continuing with application consulting, and concluding with the physico-chemical analysis of the produced leather.

The tannery that chooses Gruppo Biokimica opts for an accurate production and analytical system for the chemical-physical evaluation of its leathers.


Qualitative and quantitative determination of medium to high polarity organic compounds in liquid or solid samples.

  • Bisphenols (EN ISO 11936 Leather)
  • Bisphenols (EN ISO/FDIS 21135 chemicals)
  • PFAS (EN ISO 23702-1)
  • Biocides (EN ISO 13365-1&2)
  • Formaldehyde (EN ISO 17226-1&3, EN ISO 27587)

Qualitative and quantitative determination of a wide range of predominantly organic substances, with low polarity and low molecular weight, having a boiling point below 300°C.

  • APEO & AP (EN ISO 18218-2)
  • Phthalates (EN ISO 16181-1)
  • Azo dyes (EN ISO 17234-1)
  • Chlorophenols (EN ISO 17070)
  • VOC, Glycols, Siloxanes

Determination of trace-level chemical elements.

  • Free-Metal (EN ISO 17072-2)
  • Free-Chrome (EN ISO 5398-4)
  • Total heavy metals (EN ISO 17072-2)
  • Extractable heavy metals (EN ISO 17072-1)

Determination of major constituents in ionic form in aqueous samples.

  • Sulfates
  • Chlorides
  • Major anions and cations
  • Hexavalent chromium