Gruppo Biokimica

When the circular tanning industry merges with the high quality of raw materials required by the world of fashion

Sustainable chemicals for the tanning industry


Signatory Road Map To Zero

Gruppo Biokimica is a MRSL ZDHC LV 3 certified company and is Signatory of the ZDHC Road Map To Zero program.


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Life Cycle Assessment

Gruppo Biokimica uses the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method to analytically evaluate its production processes. The aim is to achieve a more circular production and a company with reduced CO2 emissions.



ECO-BK is the range of chemical products developed by Gruppo Biokimica to reduce the environmental impact. They are certified MRSL ZDHC Level 3. ECO-BK are designed for the tannery and cover all phases of the tanning industry: soaking, liming, wet-end and finishing.

BK-LAB: innovation hub

When tanneries choose gruppo Biokimica, they choose a rigorous analytical method for evaluating the concentration of bisphenols, formaldehyde, COD and much more. Gruppo Biokimica implements these analyzes both on the products it produces and on the leather produced in the tannery according to Biokimica recipes.

The international market

Gruppo Biokimica is based in Santa Croce sull'Arno and has two branch offices in Arzignano and Solofra. It develops its activity throughout the national territory. It also offers its expertise in over fifty countries around the world.

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